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Early Development of Math & Recognition Skills!

Preschool Math develops your childs critical math and recognition skills! From matching numbers, counting toys, recognizing the correct pattern, and identifying the right shapes, Abby the Monkey leads children on their merry adventure! All these educational games are well balanced and vary tremendously from round to round, engaging children time and time again. Additionally, although not part of the educational games, throughout the adventure children will be able to design their own train (cart by cart) and even collect stickers once theyve successfully completed a number of tasks! Overall, toddlers and children alike will have a lot of fun with Preschool Math while learning in the process, which all in all, makes learning itself fun! Highly recommended for its varied games and activities and wonder audio and visual media!

Love it!

My kids love this game!!! Great user interface for young kids.


Nice app for my daughter. She stays on this stuff all day. She loves it and i love how its free. Must have app!

Kinder great!

its hard not to recommend a free application like this that can imporove you childs knowledge before heading off to school for the first time. The neat thing about this is that it doesnt feel like learning, and most young children will have fun on the iPad no matter what really. If you have a young child about to start kindergarden, get this, you have nothing to lose!

Great app

Great free educational app, too bad its very short.

Great app 4 kinds

My kinds love to play with this app. Big plus for many options and features.


The games inside the app are cute and great for the kids to learn and play with. Grab it now when it is free!

Great app

This is truly a wonderful app for per-schoolers, lots of fun activities that are not only interactive and interesting but also educational. In todays situation that is definitely a winning combination. Your child should be kept entertained while learning something and this app does just that. Highly recommended. Very nicely designed.

WOW!!! This is amazing!

Wow this is a great quality app that helps so much with all ages that need help learning it makes it very fun! Definitely would recommend everyone to download!

Best app ever!! Thanks!

My 4 year old daughter loves the app shes learned so much!! Thank you so much! Shes gonna have a head start in school :)

Perfectly designed

great app for my preschooler. He loves playing and is always asking for it on my phone. App itself is awesome, no flaws and it is age appropriate. This is a must have for all parents with young children.

Truly a great app for children!

I have many apps for my children on my devices that they can play and learn on, but once I handed them this app, they were instantly hooked. They loved all the games that were available from counting, to patterns, shapes and much more! My kids expressions were priceless from the moment they were figuring out each learning game and especially when receiving awards and recognition of their accomplishments. Each game is beautifully laid out with amazing graphics, a user-friendly interface and quality sounds. I highly recommend this app!


My 4yr old daughter loves it and shes learning. What more can you ask for. I would recommend it.

Must have for your child!

I love this app! Its fun and educational, plus you get to build your own train! Your kids will get a lot out of this. It teaches patterns, pairs, numbers, and other important lessons in a colorful and exciting manner. Its definitely a must have app if you have young children!

Well thought out learning app

I like how this is done. I gave toy friends child and it kept her occupied for a while. It would be perfect if the voice over was a little louder than the music

Great app, my son loves it.

And so do I. I get to watch my son have fun while learning everyday. Thanks a lot my friend, this was highly needed for us.


My son is 2yrs old and loves this game. He has learned to recognize his numbers and can count to 12. Its one of his favorite games.




My 3 year old loves this game.



Fun stuff

My kids love this game, fun and entertaining

Wonderful App

My daughter loves learning with this app.

Nice games

Learning games!

It’s great

My kid loves it


Great games, wish there was more free boards

Typical pay for play.

Kids apps have all basically become downloadable advertisements. Takes up space on your phone to download so your kid can play the 30 second free activity until the math equation pops up and it demands payment. Every. Single. Under 5 game. Did EA create the business model for toddler games? I would be way more willing to pay for an app that had more than 5 minutes of demo content before demand that I commit to payment. Weak sauce bro...weak sauce.

Good content

The free content is wonderful. Both of my sons (2 and 3) love the app. I just wish I didn’t have to pay for it yearly or monthly.


Like how they tell the shape


Nice app.

My kid likes it

Had to rate it to unlock a level. Pretty lame

2 year old son loves this game!

Great game!


Very nice

Toddler learning games

Our 2 year old loves this app!

Great game

Great game!


Excellent app for toddlers


My son loves it

Love it

Really easy Good colors Interactive


Es ok

Fun game, too limited

Game is a great start, but is to limited.

Toddler learning


great app

great app

Great pic!

I love this one. It’s my new best one.




Good game for kids




My kid loves it

Awesome Game!

I’d definitely recommend this game for toddlers! It’s a great learning game!


My 3 year old loves it

Cute game!!

My 4 year old loves this app!

Great app

This is a great app for this age of kids. Very interactive and grandkids love it


Kids love this game.



My kids likes this game

Fun for my 3 yr old

Great game

Love it

Great Fun

My 3year old will play for hours


Daughter loves it!

Fun learning experience


What’s new

Great game

Fun game for 3hr old

Fun game for kids to pass time

So fun

Thanks for the fun, my toddler loves to play!

Nice game

Love this


Like it





Utter trash

If you offer an education app it should be free everyone education need to available for everybody.


My daughter like this game

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